Saturday, November 5, 2011

Three More Kinds of Wallpaper, Shelf Paper AND Pink Paint...

The total wallpaper count is now up to 15.

Yup – another couple of spots where there was wallpaper under wallpaper. I have samples, so far, of 11 of them. I will be keeping samples of ALL of them, once off the walls…

I pulled off all of the checker board stuff in the kitchen – the stuff behind the stove peeled right off (I had just made tea) and so did the stuff that was being used as a “back splash” – but that was stuck onto the actual back splash – also made of the same green speckledy arborite as the counter – and peeled right off. The new finds include a blue grey with tiny white flowers:

This is under the counter up against the walls...
A pale blue and white pattern that reminds me of the patterns and colours in Delfts china:

This is in the kitchen, was under the black and white stuff  over the doorway to the hall

And the greeny-white stripey stuff under the other, most heinous stuff, in the bathroom:

I REALLY need to rent a steamer and get the darn stuff off ALL of the walls in one go… but I’m not up for going out today and I don’t think the tools rental place is open tomorrow.  I could steam wallpaper while sick – the steam would be good for me, right?

The shelf paper – a beauteous green and white plaid pattern – was on one of the shelves in the kitchen cupboards:

And last, but not least, when I was puttering around and moving stuff from the fridge freezer to the chest freezer I saw this:

Which warranted additional investigation:

And finally showed this:

ACK!  I should have left it alone!!!

With love across the waters,

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