Monday, January 23, 2012

A Feng Shui Cure for Chinese New Years…

Kung Hei Fat Choi everyone!

I have started counting something new in my house. Wallpaper was the big one for the house -  18 different kinds found makes it the most counted thing found so far… Up and coming, though, I am starting to count floor coverings.

In spite of the ugly weather this weekend, I have managed to knock a couple more things off of my “lists” and I also completed another of the Feng Shui cures still needed to be done.

Floor coverings, though, is the first thing this blog post is about.  The house has a few that are visible.  There is turquoise carpeting in both bedrooms and the living room.  Under that is the original fir flooring – which looks to have been painted a lovely shade of harvest gold.

The kitchen and laundry room have a grey and white linoleum visible… under that in the laundry room is a few things – three sub floors under the regular floor and one of those has some REALLY old asbestos flooring on it.  The kitchen has a different kind of linoleum under *it* and then there’s the mud room – which has yet another kind of linoleum over top of something else – which looks reddish (mud coloured?) and may simply be painted plywood – I will need to do additional investigation to see exactly what THAT is.

But back to the kitchen.  Here’s a sample of the ‘find” in the kitchen… 

This afternoon I decided to implement one of the Feng Shui cures initially discussed when I had my first consultation from Terri Perrin at Fine Art of Intention Feng ShuiThe requirement was to make either some changes to the position of the fridge and stove or to place a couple of small mirrors in strategic locations in order to deal with issues surrounding the placement of the hot water tank, stove and fridge. The cure was to be done to coincide either with a new moon or a full moon in order to pull in the strongest possible positive energy for my intentions.

Today is not only the day of the first new moon of the year, but it is also Chinese New Years – which, in my very humble opinion, is a most auspicious day for a change this big. I don’t have any really great “before” pictures of the kitchen (so far) but I have one that will give you the gist of the space.

Oh - take note, by the way, of the tacky old swag lamp in the kitchen - that was the only light source and TOTALLY inadequate!

I was able to sell my 5-Gallon fish tank and it was picked up by its new owners this afternoon.  Once gone, I was able to shift the fridge and stove around, insert a small shelving unit between the two and… Voila:

Looks AND feels way better in the kitchen (dig my new kitchen light!) and with the shelving unit where it is, I was able to finally place my cook books out and make them much more easily accessible! The shelving unit is one of those very small Rubber Made ones, and I will replace it with a more solidly built wooden shelf some day, but for now, this is a GREAT place for this shelving unit!

Next up…? Hm. With the exception of one small cure (with big results, but in need of something odd in order to make it happen) everything left on my cures list needs to be done outside.  It’s cold, wet and snowy out there… I think I will need to wait on those ones until my week of vacation next month!

With love across the waters,

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