Monday, February 13, 2012

Small Change - BIG difference...

About two weeks ago the ugly old blue horizontal blinds in my bedroom gave up the ghost in style.  The metal contraption that controls the ability to pull the blind up and down (by way of the string) popped right out of its little hole and the blind flopped down against the wall like an ugly blue dead fish.

I have Made Do with it for a couple of weeks while trying to decide what would be the best looking and (more importantly) cheapest way to go.  Drapes? This would require a curtain rod being installed. Another plastic horizontal blind, but maybe white this time? This would require the removal of the blue plastic one's hardware.

All I knew to this point was that whatever I put in would NOT be blue.

Home Depot run happened yesterday - to pick up some things and check out options. I elected to go with curtains - and found some lovely suede-like ones that block out about 95% of the light when closed. A simple curtain rod topped off the purchase and, oh yes, I got a stud finder that tells me where the centre of the stud is and also identifies metal AND electrical stuff... so I won't accidentally drill into wiring.

Without further ado, here's my updated bedroom.  Yes, I do still need to get down the last of the wallpaper, patch and then primer and THEN paint - but the difference already is amazing.

SO much brighter without the nasty blue blinds!

Also moved a mirror - yeah, I don't need 2 in there...

And also moved my bracelet / necklace rack my Dad made me... 
Maybe not a Feng Shui change, per-se, but a very much needed change and, now done, the room is closer to the "positive space" energy I want.

Next up...? Today's projects included replacing the bathtub grout (GROSS!!!) and cutting down trees! Want to guess which was more fun?

With love across the waters,

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