Thursday, February 16, 2012

Spring is Springing Up!

On Monday, my "Sunday," I got to cut down a tree, I got to see another tree cut down (and now I want a chainsaw of my very own) and I got to clear away branches and logs and leaves.  The tree that was removed from the front yard was hiding the view of spring making her way into my yard.

A Feast of Snowdrops

Getting up close & personal with the Snowdrops

Possibly a Hyacinth - not certain

Again, not certain if it is Hyacinth or not...

I guess that in a matter of a week or two, I should know!
I have a couple more days of work and then am off for a week's vacation (yes, in February!) and plans for this particular week will include trying to spend some time outside in the front and back yards cleaning up the flower beds.  

I'm also hopeful that I can build a new composter - a gorgeous big one, using lumber pallets and stucco wire... My brother and his wife gave me an amazing book at Christmas - one of gardening through the entire year - and there is an amazing project in there for building a HUGE compost bin system using lumber pallets.  I did some asking around & found out that Slegg Lumber will give old ones away and Dad has volunteered to give me some old stucco wire with which to line the bin system. Pictures will DEFINITELY be posted, if I manage to get this puppy off the ground!

These projects will really depend on the weather... So please cross your fingers that Wednesday through the following Monday will provide me with a few great (sunny and warm-ish) days with which to do some outside work.

With love across the waters,

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