Monday, April 30, 2012

Progress – Indoors and Out… and a Little April Feng Shui

This was a “me at home doing stuff” weekend. 

Yesterday I spent the morning and part of the early afternoon outside – mowing grass, raking up tree debris, digging up (yes, you guessed it) more dandelions and generally enjoying the activity.  In the afternoon I had a shower, made some granola, puttered around and just relaxed.  Last night I got the bright idea that I would rent the wall paper steamer for the day and just get rid of the rest of the wall paper and the little strips of under-paper that had been left behind on the living room wall during the last wall paper removal go around.

Today I slept in until after 7:30 AM (I know it may not sound like much, but it is!) and then had coffee.  The tool rental place opened at 7 and so, once dressed, I loaded Jasmine into the car & we headed into town and rented the wall paper steamer AND the big scary hole poking thing-a-ma-jig.

Three solid hours later ALL of the rest of the wall paper was off the bedroom and living room walls. My bathroom, mind you, still looks like it has some sort of exotic disease, but still, the stuff I needed gone is totally gone.

I spent a little time after the floors had been vacuumed and the furniture was put back in making a couple more Feng Shui related tweaks to my bedroom – in the form of a pair of pictures over the bed and the removal of one of the two mirrors I had placed in there.  Now in place of the second mirror is a photo I took a couple of years ago when I was on vacation in Saint Malo, France.

Next up in the project work for me department will be the final prep of the living room walls for painting, the painting of said walls and then the removal of the ghastly turquoise carpets from the living room and the little hall between the bedrooms.

Next up for “major” project work will be having my new front door installed:

With love across the waters,

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