Thursday, July 5, 2012

An Angel – When You Need One

Something happened to me yesterday at work that has had me thinking about angels and how, in a whole multitude of forms, they appear for us when we need them the most.

A gentleman and a friend of his appeared in the branch yesterday afternoon – he was visibly upset and she was there, I could see, as support.  I had been headed across the floor to do something – whatever it was has now completely escaped me. I changed direction, walked straight over to them, looked him in the face and asked him “How can I help you?”

A simple question when you work in a bank.

He explained to me that his partner had just died and the government was willing to help him cover cremation costs and burial expenses, but he needed to provide them with paperwork and didn’t know where to start.  His friend was there for moral support.

I knew what he needed most right that second was for someone to actually listen to him. I shot the assistant manager of client care a quick look to let him know what I was up to (I was a bank teller at the time) and took them straight into my office and let them have the privacy that was initially required to help get the needs identified.

The transaction itself – what he needed, I mean – wasn’t complicated or onerous – just a couple of statements.  I faxed the documents off for him and then placed a call to the government agent who needed them to let her know that the paperwork should be in her hands within minutes. It really wasn’t difficult or complicated.

When I completed the transaction and phone call for the man, his friend said to me that the man had just told her that I was such an angel for helping like that. The man looked at me then and told me that it was almost as if his partner knew that I needed to be the one to help, and guided me across the floor at just that moment so that I could.

I thanked him from my heart for the compliment and told him that I believe that angels always help is when we need them most.

 You see, when I have needed them most, the angels have always stepped in and either guided my hands, placed me in the right location, sent me the right pets or sent me a messenger.

My father has told me a few times about how, when my brother and I were small, we slept in a set of bunk beds. One afternoon, when my brother and I were to have been napping, Dad was out working in the yard and he told me that he just got this feeling that he NEEDED to be in the house – right away.  When he got into the bedroom my brother and I shared, I must have been fiddling around, and somehow I had managed to get my body between the rail and the mattress of the top bunk bed and, though I was holding on with my hands, had I let go, well, my head was on one side of the rail and my body was hanging out on the other side. I don’t remember this myself, but I can only imagine how much it scared my Dad. I forget how old I was when he first told me, but I know I was being watched over then.

The first time that I can really recall that I really became aware of how totally looked after I am, I was in my teens.  I’d had a dream one night and the next night, while out on a date, the dream helped to avert what could have been a disastrous car accident.

And then later on, when I was in my mid twenties, I was in the throes of despair over a guy (one of the many times) and I had gone off to a beach to sit and stew in my depression and sadness - and yes, not just a little self-pity. While sitting on the beach feeling miserable and desperately sorry for myself, an elderly gentleman came up and sat beside me.  He was telling me about how he had just lost one of his dogs. He looked me in the eyes and told me that God only sends us bad days so that we can appreciate the good ones.

Isn’t that a thought to stop you in your tracks? We only have bad days so that we can appreciate the good ones?

I have noticed that lately I have been happy – and having a lot of good days. I’ve been grateful for them.  Just this morning, while out walking Jasmine, I was thinking about how happy I am.  How happy at just being able to get out for a quiet walk at 5:45 AM with my dog, as the light is shining through the trees and the dew is sparkling in the sunshine.  How riding my bike downhill makes my heart laugh. How the sound of my nephew laughing makes fills my heart to overflowing. How snuggling up with my dog and my cat makes me feel wanted and needed and appreciated.

So here’s a thought for you: What if, in appreciating all of the goodness around us each and every day – being thankful for small and simple things and the taking that split second it takes to just offer thanks to God, Buddha, the Prophet, the Angels, Mohammed, the universe (or whatever you choose to call your highest power) for all of the little tiny blessings we are given each and every day… what if that is what stops the bad days before they happen?

For now, I will offer up my gratitude for another wonderful day. I am thankful that just by listening I can help make someone else’s day a fraction easier. Most of all, tonight I am thankful for the angels who guide my footsteps.

With love across the waters,

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