Monday, July 16, 2012

Under Pressure!

Don’t worry – this is in a good way!  I have a Pressure Washing experience to share! But first… my weekend! I have had a HELL of a great weekend this weekend!

My brother and his wife had their wedding vow renewal on Saturday – a GLORIOUS day – sunny and not stupidly hot (thank God!) filled with love, laughter and fun.  Because they initially married in May of last year, most of Carrie’s family was unable to make it out for the ceremony, but this time, with the exception of her grandmother, all of her immediate family made the trip and it was a wonderful time for all!

Finn was a little concerned with the sheer number of people around – he had his little forehead all scrunched up in consternation, but he was quiet and sweet the whole time things were going on… he hit overwhelm about two hours into it all – but that was also, partly, due to the heat. 

I packed it in and came home around 7 that night – the day was a very hot one and Jasmine was cooped up in the house with all of the windows and curtains closed to try and keep things quiet and cool for her. It mostly helped – but it was still about 26*C inside the house when I got home.

Sunday we all met in Nanaimo again – this time for a celebration of Finn’s first birthday (while Carrie’s family was still out) and some play time in the park.  Finn LOVES cake - he couldn’t even be enticed with peek-a-boo – and that’s his FAVOURITE game in the whole world right now!

Mum, Dad & I headed back to our respective homes around 2 yesterday – and I came home with some new window screens that Dad constructed for me (for the two sash-less windows I have in the house) AND the family purchased pressure washer!

First things first, I put in the screens and opened the windows – the cross breezes that they allow (front to back of house – North / South direction) are making a big difference already! The screen doors can comfortably be left open during the day while I am home, but need to be closed at night for the obvious reasons as well as one not-so-obvious one – bears. When Jasmine and I walk in the mornings now, quite often I will see bear scat on the trails near the house – with bear scat being so near by, I am concerned that, if I leave the front door only secured by the screen door, well, that could appear to be an invitation to a bear to come on in!.  No thank you! 

Screens in, I had a glass of water and then assembled the pressure washer and got started. I finished off a quarter section of the patio before dinner and then worked on the next quarter section afterward. The semi-finished product was pretty neat to look at and, though I will, I am sure, need to seal the concrete, I like it SO much more without the red paint on it.

This morning, (I took a long weekend this weekend) I cut grass, weeded a little more, pressure washed the other half of the patio, set up the umbrella laundry line and did some laundry.  I have also dealt with my paperwork drawer and washed the kitchen floor… I haven’t yet vacuumed – it’s almost 6 PM now – so I still have some time – but it’s REALLY warm at the moment and so I am going to wait…

Here are a couple of shots of the pressure washing project…

Before - paint peeling off in places &
generally looking ugly

Partially done - the pressure washer
allows for straight(ish) lines

Done for now - looking WAY better already!

Laundry drying in the sunshine

Time for a shower!
With love across the waters,

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