Monday, July 23, 2012

Slowing Down But Catching Up

This weekend has been all about taking things easy and catching up on the little jobs that haven’t been done in a few weeks.  A rare weekend, especially one in summer – I had nothing planned, nowhere to go, and nothing specific that I felt I needed to do. Time this weekend has, therefore, been filled with a lot more relaxation and puttering around.

We all need them – the weekends where we spend more time reading or wasting time watching TV than getting stuff done.

I have the perfect excuse this weekend, though.  Rain - sweet, cool, fresh, quiet and glorious rain.  We haven’t had much of it at all in the last few weeks, and so my Piscean heart was missing the moisture and cooler temperatures… Yesterday (my Saturday) I spent a couple of hours outside in the morning – taking care of some light weeding and pruning back the Weigela – which was, admittedly, very out of control. I also dug out the Centaurea - also known as cultivated bachelor’s buttons – which were more of a blight in my front garden than something pretty to look at. I then moved one of the roses that was planted in the back yard in a weird space to the front - I also moved the double Shasta Daisies out to the front bed.

I know that much of the transplanting I am doing at this point is being done in The Wrong Season – but the things I am moving will not break my heart if they should not live where I have put them.

There is no rain today, and so I have some laundry out on the line. It may not be dry before nightfall, but I’m happy to just have it “air” outside and will chuck it into the drier only if I absolutely HAVE to. I’m also going to go out and cut back one of the Mock Orange bushes in the back yard – it has pretty much finished blossoming and is in desperate need of a severe thinning… wish me luck – this may be a multi-strike project!

When I feel I have done enough in the yard I’m going to come inside, have another cup of coffee and work on some indoors projects – namely, some personal work on setting goals (projects in such books as The Key and The Secret) and emotional clearing… 

With love across the waters,

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