Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dog Days of Summer

It is DAMN hot here right now and, with the exception of a few days of rain that has been spread out over the last month, we’re dry dry dry.  Yes, I know that, in the relative comparison to other places, this isn’t terrible (32*C with the humidex yesterday and likely to hit about 35*C with humidex today) but for Vancouver Island, this is hot weather.

I am very grateful, though, that this latest few days of heat falls over my weekend and that by the time I head back to work on Tuesday, the bulk of it should be done for another little while (I hope!) Because it is falling over my weekend this time, my bad sleep patterns won’t impact my work ability too much and if I need to cat-nap during the day I can.

Thus my VERY light plans for this weekend.  Today my big plan was laundry (all of which is now outside hanging on the line drying) and reading and *maybe* a little bit of paperwork and puttering, and then tomorrow I will be loading Miss Jasmine into the car, heading down to Cedar for the afternoon and spending time relaxing, walking dogs at a lake where they can play in the water and then having an evening BBQ before heading back here.

I have been very bad lately with updates – I haven’t felt especially inspired to write and there isn’t much of anything happening around the house or yard now due to the heat and the current lack of money.  Ah well – once the temperatures back off and the rains soften the ground a little more I will be able to get back at the yard projects… for now I am being quite content to look at the progress my apple tree is making…

With love across the waters,

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