Monday, August 6, 2012

Letting Go – Part 3: A Not SO Subtle Reminder

The concept of Letting Go has been nagging at me lately. The last week or so has brought thoughts of things to let go of back out to the forefront – and I have been wondering if maybe this is supposed to be an ongoing process - like exercising muscles to make them stronger? I have been having what can only be described as “tugs” - and suspect it is near about time I get back to what I’m actually supposed to be working at. The mundane issues (like money, for example) always seem to be my biggest concern, and I decided not too long ago that I needed to do something about that and my willingness to keep letting that stop me.

The need to take “passive” action really did smack me in the head.  I received the Abraham-Hicks daily Law of Attraction Quote and I thought about it and thought about it and then really had to ask myself why not – why COULDN’T I just “delegate” all of my internal “stuff” to my guides to be looked after FOR me? Working with what I felt I was being guided to do, I wrote up some stuff that was stressing me out and handed it over to be looked after for me…

And the next day I received the second of the quotes… the one that really cemented that it isn’t my job to make it happen, it is my job to delegate the “work” out to the universe – and I wondered if I was finally, maybe, looking at the right path ahead of me.

Lately I have been having, not visions so much, but snippets maybe, of a space I could work in with people. I’ve thinking that I will need to write up another list – this time one that releases to my guides my permission to start manifesting some other things for me – things like a patient table and some clients to work with.

I think it may be time for me to – I don’t know how to say it – try harder to trust that I will be looked after? I think I let my brain get in my way and allow “worries” stop me from just getting it all done.

This morning’s Abraham-Hicks Daily Law of Attraction Quote was yet another smack in the head:

Delegate it to the manager. You have this really good staff that will take care of everything for you. You just have to delegate it — and trust it.
--- Abraham - Excerpted from the workshop in St. Louis, MO on Tuesday, July 18th, 2000 # 524

I know how very blessed I am – how much pure grace is in my world.  I have so much to be grateful for – my family is truly amazing and I love them completely. My friends are great, my home and surroundings (including the furry creatures I live with) are exactly what I need. One of these days I may actually be able to totally trust that I am being listened to and looked after by my highest power – but until then I think maybe my efforts need to go into learning how to trust that, as Abraham puts it, my “really good staff that will take care of everything” for me and that I really do just have to “delegate it — and trust it.”

With love across the waters,

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