Monday, January 7, 2013

Home Made Christmas Presents…

This year I attempted something I have never tried as an adult… home-made presents.  The bulk of what I was working on was home-made granola – pretty easy to complete as I make this monthly for myself.  There was one present idea I had, though, that was less simple and with which I needed my Dad’s help to do.
When I bought my house, all of the mirrors were included in the deal.  I sold off some of them – I still have a couple I am trying to sell – but one was a lovely little one that I though, with some TLC could have the potential to be a pretty mirror to be given as a gift.
It was painted (badly) blue with white accents on the raised pieces and I thought that, stripped and finished to the original wood, it would be quite nice.

It spent a couple of weekends at Mum & Dad’s place prior to Christmas working on this with my Dad’s help.  First we stripped off the blue and white paint.  Huh.  It turned out that it was not a solid wood frame after all.  The frame (an antique) was actually plaster on wood – something fairly common starting in the 19th century – and although this one is likely an antique, well, it would be pretty tough to date and value it without the assistance of an expert.
The frame type threw a little bit of a wrench into the works – how on earth to finish a plaster frame?  Well, we sanded lightly, worked a little more on the thistle detail work and then left it to sit and wait for another week while I figures out what next.  Internet research and discussion with the paint experts at Slegg Lumber here in the Comox Valley led to the decision to simply cover it with a couple of coats of a Verathane finish (satin for some gloss but not too much) Dad also rubbed a few coats of tongue oil onto the back of the frame (the actual wood part – which we think may be mahogany) and it was done.

Not bad for a first ever attempt at restoration – and honestly, I like the process – something I will, for sure, do again!
With love across the waters,


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