Saturday, September 28, 2013

Alllllmmmooooossssttt there.......

This one is pretty much just pictures of the progress to date - all that is left now if the finishing of the sanding and mudding, painting and then the installation of windows, shelves, floor and door mouldings and the fixtures like the toilet paper holder, towel racks and mirrors....

Drywall going up

Framing around the hot water tank

plumbed for the washing machine and drier

Floor going in


Looks like wood, doesn't it?

washer and drier installed

vanity plumbed and mud going on

Bathtub surround and backer board on

filling the tub!

Look at that awesome tub - cool, huh?
And tonight, as the mud is still drying, I am having a night off - no construction going on.  Time for a hot relaxing bath and then bed!

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