Monday, September 16, 2013

There is Progress

I got home from the cabin around quarter to 5 last night (as planned) and came in to a house bustling with activity…  The bathroom had progressed from where it was, but as feared, there wasn’t yet a working toilet.  The holes in the floor had been dealt with – actually, the contractor had to re-do more of the floor than he had initially anticipated as there was rot on both sides of what was actually a supporting wall (eek!)
But the result is a floor that is totally even and one that, once the laminate flooring goes on, will look FABULOUS.
When last I typed, I was having anxiety thinking that I wouldn’t have a toilet or bath tub in which to bathe…  I didn’t have either until about 9:30 last night, but before they left for the day, the toilet was hooked up AND the bath tub was jury rigged so that I can at least have baths until the whole thing is completed. 
There is still a lot more work to be done – the vanity has been put together, but needs to be installed… the pony walls need to be covered with drywall (and then taped, mudded and sanded) the tub needs to be fully enclosed, the lights need to be amended and the whole thing needs to be painted. Yes, still a fairly large amount of work to be done.
Looking in the doorway
at where the washer
drier will be

New bathtub , pony wall
and where shelving will be

Hot water tank, another pony wall
and the toilet's new home...
Look at that great floor!!

My contractor does have a full time day job and unfortunately because of where he works, he ends up being required to take extra shifts because of people who call in sick. He’s had a full summer of construction work on top of a summer that has required in excess of 100 hours of overtime in the space of the last couple of months.  Today is a good example.  Had he not had to cover someone else’s shifts, he would more than likely have been here around 1 this afternoon.  It’s almost 4 and no sign yet.  Such is life, right?
Tonight’s stress surrounded the vanity.  You know – the vanity I spent about 3 hours assembling last night?  Yup – that one.  It is too big.
Vanity - too big.  It will be repurposed!
So I had to make a decision. Move it around the room? No. Change the layout and have them cut another door and then close in another doorway? No. Get a smaller vanity?
Yup – that’s what I ended up doing.  I chose one that is quite a bit smaller – but it came assembled in the box, with the top included. It also fit into the back of my car so I was able to also bring it home.
What I have decided to do (instead of disassembling the other vanity, boxing it back up and returning it along with the top I special ordered… is to return the top and keep the assembled vanity – and repurpose it.  So what I will do is set it up in the kitchen along the wall that backs onto my bedroom – I’ll get a small piece of fancy sided plywood (23”x49”) or maybe thick wood that could be glued together and made into a work top.  It will be perfect for storing the dog and cat paraphernalia and also all of my canning supplies. I could build in some overhead shelving for more storage as well.
Storage – all of this change to the house is all about making smarter space with more storage…
With love across the waters…

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