Sunday, March 16, 2014

Stop & Go...

Today was a stop and go kind of day for the projects...  While Friday's sunny day did allow me to get a lot done, there was still a lot to be done before the weekend finished... and yesterday it rained all day... so I got a lot of the indoors chores completed and didn't have to feel guilty for spending much of today completing the rest of the outside list.

The first part of today's project work consisted of assembly of the AWESOME work bench my brother, his wife and my nephew gave me for Christmas...

Work Bench

In pieces... Hmmm...

Assembly took me about 45 minutes.
Funny story? Assembled and expanded
it doesn't fit through the door...

Good thing it folds back down to a
fabulous compacted size!
Assembled and working!

The one challenge I experienced today was showers...  Since I needed to cut things and screw together other things, I did have to play tag with the rain...

Rain break... I went inside and watched an old episode of Castle while waiting for it to clear up...
Once the rain cleared up I assembled the final raised bed and put it in place.  Then I put together my Pea Trellis using that green plastic lattice sheet lying on the ground beside the work bench. Once I had it built, I dug some holes & installed the trellis and reinforced it by using some re-bar and zap straps. I then laid out a layer of newspaper to suppress weeds and dumped in the additional soil I bought to fill the box.

Raspberry and Blueberry beds...

A lovely line of raspberry canes.

One of two baby blueberry bushes

New Pea Trellis beside moved Clematis Trellis
The bed is already planted with
snow peas and spinach!
Home of this summer's squash experiment
- stay tuned!
All in all, a good weekend's worth of efforts!

With love across the waters...

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