Sunday, August 31, 2014

…And Peaches…..

This past Monday I arrived to work to see an email telling me that the peaches were in… later that same day, they arrived at my office – and OH. MY. GOD. They smelled AMAZING.  I had forgotten just how glorious peaches smell – and I think it probably a Really Good Thing that I don’t live near a peach orchard – I would be arrested for trespass and theft!

Anyhow, home Monday night and I scrambled to start canning peaches… it took me a little bit to get into the swing of things, but once into the swing, I got one canning’s worth completed.
The box was FULL of peaches
Can't you smell them?

In a Lemon Juice Bath

 Like the pears, I opted for honey syrup instead of sugar – but unlike the pears, I didn’t add any vanilla to the syrup.

Honey Syrup

Moving the skinned and sliced peaches from the
lemon juice bath to the syrup

Kitchen... canning in progress

Lost one out of the first batch canned

First batch success

Reward for the first day... YUM!

Once the kitchen was cleaned up from Monday’s canning adventures, I decided to get the jump on the canning I would need to do on Tuesday night and I got the kitchen ready for the next night.
Tidy kitchen - organized and ready to go on Tuesday morning

even the pots and jars are ready to get moving as
soon as I get home from work!

Batch 2 complete... the ninth jar
makes up for the lost one the night before
By Wednesday I was a pro… While the peaches were in the water bath I picked the next bunch of nearly ripe tomatoes for making more tomato sauce, and once the peaches were done and the kitchen cleaned up again... I got the last of the pears cut up and into the crock pot to make pear butter…

Third batch cooling.  Peaches done.

Semi-ripe tomatoes picked to finish ripening on the counter

Pear butter in progress

With love across the waters…

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