Saturday, November 6, 2010

On The Way!

Well, I’m now sitting in Vancouver International Airport’s Maple Leaf Lounge (Air Canada) looking out the windows at the “loading area’ with the skies lightening to a dull blue grey as the sun decides to rise. I’ve (finally) had some coffee and breakfast (courtesy Air Canada) and am feeling a little more like myself than I did when I woke to my alarm at (gasp) four o’clock (yes, truly, 4:00 AM) this morning.

I forgot to check the stove before I left (I used the oven last night to cook dinner) but I am pretty certain I did turn it off as when I was puttering in the kitchen before the taxi came to collect me I didn’t feel any heat from the oven. Hopefully my brother will check it when he comes though…

The journey to get me “there” looks like this:
Flight - Comox to Vancouver
Flight - Vancouver to Montreal
Flight - Montreal to Paris (yes, France, not Texas)
Train - Paris to St Malo
Overnight in St Malo
Ferry - St Malo to Jersey

A week in Jersey then I will reverse my steps as far as Paris - where I get to spend my second week with my Awesome (with a capital A) friends, the Lamarres. At the end of the trip my flights are slightly more convoluted, but I will get in late and have planned for a day off to recuperate before I head back into the office to start my new work schedule…

The Job interview went well - but I didn’t get the job (which I truly didn’t have hope to) and the coffee date didn’t happen - but he had knee surgery scheduled for yesterday and so I though I had high hopes, it didn’t get fit in. Ah well, he promised to take me for a drive up into the mountains to play in the snow when I get back - so that will be something DEFINITELY worth looking forward to!

All righty, signing off of this post now - have a fabulous day & get out there and play with someone you love!



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