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Energetic Studies - The First Chakra

Identifying Names: 1st Chakra, Root, Mooladhara

Colour: Red

Location: at the base of then spine, near the rectum - between anus and genitals

Governs: bones (including marrow, and skeletal structure), adrenal glands, spine, legs, knees and feet, colon, anus, kidneys, perineum, coccyx, rectum, immune system, sacrum
• In animals also includes: back paws and tail

Fragrances & Oils: cedar wood, myrrh, patchouli, basil, tea tree, sandalwood, cinnamon, garlic, ginger, nutmeg, frankincense, rosewood

Crystals: hematite, tiger eye, bloodstone, red jasper, ruby, garnet, phantom red quartz crystal, lodestone, onyx, obsidian, cuprites, pyrite, black Tourmaline, smoky quartz, petrified wood and zincite
  • Crystals that work with all charkas: moldavite, clear quartz, seraphinite and fulgurite
Archetypes: Positive archetype: Mother; Negative archetype: Victim

Physical Dysfunctions: osteoarthritis, chronic lower back pain, sciatica, varicose veins, rectal tumours/cancer, immune-related disorders, stiffness, lack of graceful movement, issues with legs, thighs and hips, low blood pressure, obesity, bladder infections, colon cancer, IBS, colitis, spastic colon, Chron`s disease, chronic constipation, adrenal dysfunction, Addison’s disease, chronic fatigue and allergies

Emotional Dysfunctions: depression, mental lethargy, "spaci-ness", incapable of inner stillness, inability to stand up for self, lack of sense of belonging, isolationism, jealousy, revenge, retaliation, paranoia, suicidal thoughts, addictions, greediness, bossiness, hyperactivity, repetition of past behaviours, agitation and anxiety

Sacramental Association: Baptism

  • Root vegetables: carrots, potatoes, parsnips, radishes, beets, onions, garlic, etc.
  • Protein-rich foods: eggs, meats, beans, tofu, soy products, peanut butter
  • Herbs & Spices: horseradish, hot paprika, chives, cayenne, pepper, ginger, nutmeg, basil, cinnamon and garlic
Developmental Age: birth and infancy – 1-2

Life Lesson: related to the material world and the ability to provide for life’s necessities - relates to the safety and security of the family or group, ability to stand up for oneself, and to provide for one’s necessities.

Other information/Associations:
  • Element: Earth
  • Gland: Adrenal
  • Musical Note: C
  • Type of Music: Drumming
  • Animals: Elephant, Ox, Bull
  • Planet: Saturn & Uranus
  • Astrological Signs: Capricorn & Aquarius
  • Symbol: Square
  • Kabbalah Sefirah: Shekhinah
  • Sefirah Attributes: Creation
  • In Animals:
    o When Unbalanced the animal may experience: violence, anger, constipation, survival fears.
To Awaken and Balance: spend some time each day sitting directly on the earth. Dance

General Notes of Interest:
  • Earliest life experiences, childhood ancestral and past-life memories are imprinted in the root chakra
  • The root chakra is the foundation of visceral drives - eat, acquire, hoard, copulation, safety, protection of self and others - and is therefore tightly bound to survival instincts
  • Deeply associated with tribal and clan instincts
  • The first chakra to receive earth energy
  • Healing kundalini is produced here and then stimulated to rise to the second chakra
  • The primary repository of unconscious urges and automatic instincts
  • Breaks concerns down to the most basic components and then preserves the positive elements while eliminating the negative ones
  • Energy can become stuck here due to over-riding preoccupation with survival and self-hood which can cause consciousness constipation. People then become fixated on health, money and status.
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