Friday, January 21, 2011

Feng Shui Update #3

This morning I had Terri Perrin (from Fine Art of Intention Feng Shui) come over to have a look at the changes made so far, discuss the things I am working to manifest in my world and, finally, suggest more changes I could make in my home to help boost the energy around these items.

I thought it might also be a great time to update you on the changes made, how things look and feel in my home and where things stand just now…

Having now made *most* of the changes Terri initially suggested (and holy smokes, the energy feel in my home, in some cases changed INSTANTLY – it’s amazing what one simple mirror can do!) I thought it might be a good time to revisit what it is that I am trying to accomplish in my life and to also see what additional “tweaks” I could make to help nudge the universe a little to bring things about maybe a little sooner.

When she came though the door this morning, Terri commented right away at how much better I was looking (not that I looked bad before) and how much more “up” I seem now than I was when we initially met.

I’ll pause mentally for a second say that, yes, I *do* feel more energetic and happier overall.

We sat down and had a cuppa coffee and discussed where I was in the process, what I haven’t yet done (and in some cases won’t do) and why; and what it is that I am working toward manifesting in my life. That done, we took a walk around the home with my notes from our last session and discussed what has been changed and what additional tweaks I could do to help nudge things along.

The list is much smaller this time - a few additions here and there, a few removals and also a couple of things to be moved around!

Mum & Dad came up for lunch today and, now that I’m home, I’m going to brew myself a cup of tea (for some reason, actual Feng Shui activities, including de-cluttering – require me to drink tea) and get started on some of the “quick hit” items I can take care of.

Once done, I’m going to take another swipe at getting rid of more unnecessary stuff I have hanging around here.

Something interesting to remember is that negative energy can be held in all sorts of ways. Things to review in your own lives and homes could include:
  • Clutter & Broken items
  • Dead things (yes, dried flowers MUST GO)
  • Unfinished projects
  • Items you didn’t want in the first place, and also things that you hang onto because you feel obligated to do so
  • “Crap” from old relationships. Not just the emotional baggage we hang onto, but also the mementos that we hang onto that we think are harmless but really, may not be.
There’s also another subset of clutter that we need to address… the mental and emotional clutter – AKA “baggage.” This one seems hardest, at least to me, to deal with. This one includes things like:
  • Appointments needed to be made (or cancelled)
  • Relationships that need to be healed
  • People no longer needed in our lives
Sometimes we need to address not just the person, company, event, issue or whatever it is that has created the emotional clutter, we need to address OURSELVES for this part of it all. It’s very easy to look outward… it’s a lot harder to look inward.
And on a final note, something really wonderful happened for me this last week and I wanted to offer gratitude to the universe for helping me to reach the point in my life where I could see the beauty in something as simple as one person reaching out to another person to tell them that they were thought of, and often. Stacey, if you read this, you may never realize just how much that meant (and means) to me, and I want to say thank you for reaching out.

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