Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Feng Shui Update #5 – W. O. W.

With the exception of having a few of my own photographs framed and hung in the downstairs bathroom, I’m D O N E on the inside of my home. I think. I will still, I think, have Terri back for another lookie-loo through the place to ensure I have the right final tweaks completed, but tonight I stopped at Wal-Mart on my way home from work and picked up those last few things I needed for the inside of my home.

Taller lamps for my bedside tables. A pair of throw pillows and a big snugly burgundy coloured blanket for the end of my bed. A floor-mat for the landing on the stairs - which serves the dual purpose of adding colour and life to the landing but also, and no small thing, helps Jasmine NOT to skid and slip when she goes tearing down the stairs.

To be fair, I also picked up juice, cereal and granola bars at Wal-Mart, but they aren’t actually relevant to this update.

And in honour of having *finally* completed the inner “stuff” in my home, I thought I would post some new pictures for you. Please allow me to take you on a tour of the inside of my home.

When you come in the door downstairs you are met with a fish tank. And probably a small black dog.

Upon closing the door you can see my mini-foyer – the flowers are a gift from my gorgeous friend Linden – who has not only supported my craziness in needing a RED front door mat, but also ventured out on various scouting missions to Wal-Mart, Zellers and various other shops from Comox to Nanaimo to help me locate “stuff” so I could “Feng Shui” my place. The biggest, and yet simplest, change to this space was the addition of the Rubber Maid shelving unit to store my recycling centre in. 

An updated shot of the living room…

And then also an updated shot of my video stand, which now incorporates a lot more water element into the feel of the room.

My dining room has undergone a few more minor changes…

Going up the stairs you will now see more light with this gorgeous shaker-framed mirror (on sale at Home Depot, thank you very much!)

The view from the top of the stairs looking back down… don't you LOVE the floor mat?

Then my office – remember this?

And this?


It now looks like this:

And this:

Way better right?

Now… into the bedroom. Are you ready for this? Check out how GREAT this looks now!!!

With love from here to there!

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  1. Wow, Erin! You've done such a beautiful job!! Congratulations!