Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feng Shui’ing My Way to a New Job and Home…?

A quick pre-recap here: the things I have been working diligently with my Feng Shui, Intention, and Creative Visualization are:
  • To manifest a permanent full time job
  • To own a home of my own
  • To be involved in a relationship with a healthy responsible (grown up) man.

My first Feng Shui consultation was on July 18th (2009). My second one was less than a month ago on January 21st. It’s now February 10th and things are starting to move forward. This is less than 7 months from the start of this process.

A job posting came up internally this week that has had me chewing things over. I’m on the fence a little here because the pluses and minuses seem (in my head at least) to be balancing each other off. Here’s the situation. The job is a split role – Client Service Representative (aka bank teller) and Account Manager. This is a particularly exciting idea to me because I love the idea of being able to see someone’s needs and then actively help them make things happen. It would mean that I would be learning again – which I love. It would require a move, because this particular role is in Lake Cowichan and that’s WAY too far to commute from Comox. It would mean I could qualify for a mortgage and so could buy a home.

The challenge in this role is that it’s a maternity leave coverage – so would essentially disappear in July of 2012 – and yes, that’s a LONG way out from now, but it’s still a consideration.

Yesterday I spoke with a colleague and friend and she is going to rough out a quick mortgage estimation for me to allow me to see how much I could potentially qualify for, based on what I understand the average salary for this position to be. Today I spoke with the branch manager (who I used to work with up here) and picked her brain about the role, the branch (which she is also new to) the market and the general feel to the area. Tonight I spoke with my best girlfriend (thanks for listening Dar!) and expressed my thoughts and questions and got some input from her.

At this point I’m waiting for my account manager friend’s response, and I think it will be the final leverage for me in making the decision, but for tonight I am still chewing things over.

And giving thanks.

Thanks to Terri Perrin at the Fine Art of Intention Feng Shui who helped me move things forward and point things in the right direction. I wonder if she would be willing to come to Lake Cowichan to help me Feng Shui a new home there?

Thanks to my family and friends who have been so supportive of me in my journey home.

Thanks to the universe, God, the angels, spirit guides and any and all other benevolent spirits out there who are (sometimes in spite of myself) supporting and protecting me.

And thanks, very much, to you for reading and listening.

With love across the waters,


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  1. I like your intentions! Best wishes on the job scene and on all of your dreams, definitely do-able!

    (Christine here again, still trying to figure out how to post as myself and not having the patience at this time to really dig in and figure it out).