Saturday, February 12, 2011

I Fell Down Some Stairs and Broke My...

I’m OK – just to start this off, I really did fall down some stairs. It was totally my own fault since I was not paying attention to where I was putting my feet & instead of stepping firmly in the middle of the stair, I guess my instep hit the edge and, well, down I went.

No, Jasmine’s toys were not to blame.

Luckily, I landed on my very generous fundament and, though rather painfully bruised (three days later) it could have been a WHOLE lot worse than it was.

Except… my iPod Touch’s screen has been irreparably shattered:

No. The screen ISN’T supposed to look like that…

As I was smashing into the metal things at the end of the stairs (which are supposed to, I think, prevent you from slipping) I remember thinking that I couldn’t break anything, please, because I’m supposed to take my first run next weekend. Sort of a birthday present to myself.

Once I came to a halt, I had a small hysterical giggle at the memory of my friend Clayton doing the “Aunt Bunny Falls Down The Stairs” from Eddie Murphy’s stand-up days.

Then I had to try and get up and turn off the kettle. I had to furniture surf to get there because I was starting to get “shocky” and after that, I had to furniture surf into the living room to lie down before I fainted or puked. The sofa was too soft and that made me feel like puking, so I got onto the floor and tried to do some deep breathing while my hearing stopped buzzing, the little beads of sweat that had all popped up on my upper lip cooled and the blackness that was taking over my vision went away.

Yeah, I’m a bit of a drama queen – but I also have the most freakishly low pain threshold ever (the concept of natural childbirth is terrifying, I gotta say!)

And, of course, as I’m lying on the floor trying to get somewhat back to “normal state,” a VERY worried Jasmine was licking my face and arms (once I had them over my face – there is nothing better, when you want to puke, than a dog licking you) and generally sticking her nose as close to me as possible and breathing on me.

Lucky for me, the very next morning I had a chiropractor appointment booked. Yeah, I got laughed at a little, telling him that hip adjustments by pushing on my glutes were not going to happen (actually, the words I used were more along the lines of “Dr. Doug, I fell down some stairs, landed on my arse and bruised my left cheek badly, so no hip adjustments on the left side today. Seriously, no touchy-touchy”) but he did tell me that I can still try my run next weekend.

So what have we learned? iPod Touches do not fly well. OK, they fly well, but the landing isn’t pretty. I’m too damn old to be falling down stairs. Paying attention to what you are doing WHILE ON STAIRS is important and, finally, the Aunt Bunny skit is still DAMN funny stuff.

With love across the waters,

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  1. Oh, Erin! Shoot! I'm glad you're okay, though and are able to stay on schedule with your run next weekend (so exciting!!)