Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Chores and a Feng Shui Update

I’m very nearly finished my Sunday chore list - laundry is the one thing still underway at the moment because there’s a final load in the drier. I'm back in my seat in front of the computer, full of good intention – the kind that means I’ll balance my accounts and deal with my “paperwork” drawer.

We all have one – go on, admit it. You know exactly what I am talking about – it’s that drawer where the week’s bills, account statements, receipts and all of that other paper-based minutia seems to accumulate itself. Some weeks you get to the bottom of it all, other weeks you just can’t bear to face what might be under the receipt from Costco.

I am usually pretty good about spending a couple of hours on Sunday afternoon dealing with all of it. I haven’t started it yet, but that’s only because I had a couple of thoughts I wanted to share. Specifically, I wanted to provide an update on how things have been coming this week, and what changes I am starting to notice.

On Terri’s last visit (January 21st, 2011) we revisited the things I am working to manifest – namely, a full time job, owning my own home and yes, a relationship (you know, love, romance etc) and she made suggestions based on what I intend to manifest in my life. Physical changes complete, now it’s up to the mental ones – the part where the “Intention” comes into play.

On the job, I believe that now it’s just a matter of time. Either where I am already or elsewhere, something permanent and full time (with benefits and a good salary) is on its way. Where I am already? Possibly – I have been having great weekly reviews with my manager and receiving a lot of feed-back that encourages me to believe that the support is there for me as soon as the role becomes available. Elsewhere? Also possible – I am keeping my eyes and ears open (something I haven’t historically done as I have spent nearly 20 years working for the same company.) It’s interesting, but takes me out of my comfort zone a little – which is OK, I think.

Where a home of my own is concerned, the second the full time job is mine, the house is mine too.

Romance? Well, not so much there. I was speaking with my best girlfriend earlier today and she asked if I’d heard from the man I am crushing on – and no, I haven’t. As a matter of fact, I’ve decided that the ship sailed, and I have written that possibility off as a lost cause. No worries. Remember – nature abhors a vacuum and since I am now allowing that emotional space, someone new will come along to fill it.

How does it all tie into Feng Shui this week? Well, the principle is there – the energy has been opened up and the space feels better – and I feel better for being in the space. That impacts the energy I take out into the world with me and how I relate to and interact with other people. So all in all, things are improving!

Now, back to the paperwork drawer!

With love across the waters,

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