Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Few Days Off

This week is a shortened work week for me - my birthday is on Saturday and so when initially asked if I wanted time off work in February I said a VERY hearty "YES!" and promptly booked my birthday (which falls on a Saturday this year) and the following Monday in order to give myself a FIVE-DAY WEEKEND.  The very next week I was asked if I might consider picking up an extra day this week - so the final outcome is that I am getting an extra full day of work on Thursday (money is good) and then I am off Friday through until Tuesday, leaving me with a FOUR-DAY WEEKEND - which is still an awesome thing!

My plan for this weekend includes an overnight at my Mum & Dad's place (I haven't been down since Christmas, and though I have seen them a couple of times since then, I still miss them and am looking forward to seeing them) as well as a LOT of sleeping in and doing, well, puttery stuff around here. PLUS this is the weekend I get to try running again - and I am VERY excited about this possibility!!

Jasmine and I will head down Friday morning and I'm meeting up with an old high-school friend for lunch before heading across to Thetis Island were Mum & Dad live. 

Mental note to self - figure out where lunch will be!

Overnight on Thetis and then on Saturday we are all going to head to Nanaimo for a combined birthday lunch (weather permitting, of course!) Saturday afternoon will see me back up here and planning my "test run" for Sunday.  If we're back with enough time I'll take Jasmine up to Seal Bay park for a long walk (without my iPod because I'm sending it away for fixing) (sob) and if not, we'll go play chuck-it at one of the local school yards.

All in all, a very promising long weekend! I may even do a little laundry, yard-work and house cleaning - but I don't want to overdo my days off!!

With love across the waters,

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