Monday, February 14, 2011

Wind and Rain

Normally I love the sounds of wind and rain. The combination makes me feel safe and snug. At the cabin it’s usually accompanied by the sound of surf pounding on the shore and the crackle and pop of the fire burning in the wood stove. No reason to go into the weather on a day like this means staying snug, warm, safe and secure.

Having a Jasmine means (while still in Comox, at least) getting dressed and going out into it – in the dark. Our morning and evening “constitutional” walks are shorter – maybe a kilometre – but still more than long enough to leave me completely soaking wet, chilled and bedraggled. Good thing I do this BEFORE my morning shower or evening bath!

It’s blowing a hoolie out there this morning – the rain will, no doubt, be coming down sideways. I like mornings like this, honest, I really do… I just wish I didn’t have to get out into the weather before 7 AM!

Home after, she is towelled off – which is a great game that she loves; I am stripped down and back in my robe. The wind is still blowing gustily and the rain pelting coldly down. I, however, am back inside and have another cup of hot coffee in front of me. Life doesn’t get much better than this!

With love across the waters,

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