Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My feet – They Smell Like… Barbeque Sauce??

All for trying new things, when a client of the branch came in to offer the staff sample packages of “Detox Food Pads” I thought to myself “why not” and I bought one of her sample packages. I got mine on Saturday and I read through the literature the other night before starting the process. And yes, I have a healthy sense of scepticism and did some Internet research too. I have seen the websites that debunk them – the ones that show how, if you pour water on them they turn dark (simulating how the foot would sweat into them during the night.)

I’m still game to try them out though.

So Saturday night, I re-read the instructions and, an hour or so before bed, I put them on. There’s an adhesive patch that you stick the foot pad to, and then you stick the whole thing on the sole of your foot (and put on socks to keep it all in place) Initially I noticed heat – the arch of my foot heated up a little, but not in an unpleasant way. It reminds me a little of how my hands feel, right in the centres of my palms, when I’m doing healing work with someone.

I noticed that they also sort of smell like vinegar – the kind of vinegar you smell in barbeque sauce…

The ingredients list I was provided with (it isn’t the package that lists everything, just an insert that was wrapped up in my “kit” talks about wood vinegar (that would probably account for the barbeque-ish smell) natural bamboo, loquat leaf, milk thistle, chitin and ground tourmaline. I’m going to actually call the woman who runs the business to find out which kind of detoxification patches these are – there are apparently a LOT of them out there.

So the next morning I woke up and my feet still felt tingly in the arches – that same sort of feeling I noted above. Into the bathroom, I got a facecloth and filled the sink with hot water. Off came the first one and eww – there was a sticky reddish-brownish gunk in them and holy crap – they really smelled like barbeque sauce! Feet washed, clean socks on, I started my day.

A few more nights to go now (I received a 7-day supply) and I’m curious to see if I notice any differences… one of my colleagues is trying this out too and she’s almost done. She told me that she has noticed that she feels as though she has more energy. I guess I will see if the proof is in the pudding – or rather barbeque sauce…

With love across the waters,

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