Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Anger and Exercise

To be fair, it wasn’t just anger, it was anger and disappointment… but none the less, my work-day didn’t end on a positive note, not really.  

There’s something inherently soothing about sweating out anger.  Had I boxing gloves and a bag to punch, I may have tried doing some of that instead – it’s excellent for frustration AND works up an intense sweat in seconds flat.

So I sped (yes, drove way too fast – and am lucky and grateful not to have received a speeding ticket anywhere) home, got changed, loaded Jasmine into the car and headed up to Seal Bay Park to power-walk out some of my frustrations at the end of my work-day.

A few minutes into the walk, music moving me along, I could feel my shoulders start to let go of what I was carrying. My breathing got into swing quickly and I was making good time - and considering I had less than an hour of useful daylight left, it’s just as well!  Half way through I could feel it leaving – the frustration and anger I was holding onto. Grateful, I let it go as much as I could.

I even included some running in this evening's walk and my knee still feels OK!

By the time I got home, I didn’t care any more.  The thing that upset me has been pounded into the soil of the paths that I marched along today.  Feeling much better than I did when I left work, I drove home - happy and well exercised dog in tow. Before I made either one of us some dinner, I had a long hot shower and washed the final bits of negativity off of myself.  

Symbolic? Hell yes.  Sometimes that symbolic shower makes all the difference to what’s going on.

And a final note on something positive that came out of this afternoon’s anger and disappointment? I didn’t reach for cake or chocolate or ice cream to make me feel better… tonight I reached for my hiking shoes.  And they walked me through it.

With love across the waters,

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