Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Exercise Gear!

I have known for a few days that I needed new trail walking / running shoes – the pair I have been using for my trail walking had a hole punched into one of the air cushions, and so they have been making a hissing noise for a few days – and, of course, though I hadn’t noticed a huge difference yet, the support the shoes were providing was being impacted negatively… I had this morning’s 4.5 KM walk with Jasmine and then went in to the chiropractor.  Excellent news – I’m in good alignment and he’s pleased with where I am progress-wise.  I have received the green light to also start yoga again! 


Yesterday (in my personal email) I received a coupon for the Running Room – buy a pair of shoes and get 20% off of any and all additional purchases – even sale items! Knowing that I was heading to Nanaimo today to take my Grandma out for her 96th birthday lunch, I printed off a copy of the coupon and put it into my purse “just in case.”

Lunch done, Grandma dropped off at home, I headed to the Running Room in Nanaimo to have a look at shoes.  I also wanted to see about maybe getting a pair of Capri’s and maybe another long-sleeved shirt or two – hopefully with pockets where I could put my iPod, some dog-poo bags (I have a dog - the bags go with me EVERYWHERE I go) and my car keys. 

I *love* shopping for exercise clothing.  Probably the only clothing, ever, that I actually *do* like to shop for.  Work clothing is boring – I have to be “professional” and that, to me (and in a bank) means sober colours, traditional cuts and, if the mood arises, tame patterns. Exercise clothing is WAY more fun – wild colours, brilliant patterns and really cool colour combinations that I wouldn’t (and couldn’t) wear in my usual “every day life.”

Today’s acquisitions included shoes – the shoes that I have the best results with are Asics Gel Kayano (this year it’s number 17) – and so the shoes have a turquoise highlight to them. I also replaced (finally) my running coat – I bought my original about eight years ago and it really and truly has no water repellence left to it.  So I bought a bright blue Running Room brand Unisex coat with the reflective silver accents.

From the “Pink Ribbon” section of the store, I picked up a pair of Capri’s – black with pale pink accent at the calf.  Not totally flattering, none of my running wear is especially flattering – it’s VERY functional though and bought for function AND colour. I also got myself a long sleeved HOT pink running shirt.

Then, long sleeved shirts with pockets still in mind, I also got myself a couple of others – black with purple accents and a GORGEOUS turquoise one. A few other little things (some gel shots and a replacement water bottle for my water bottle pack) and I was all set.


Yes, I spent WAY more than I needed to spend – I know it… but the colours are so gorgeous that I can’t wait to get out there in some of my new gear and exercise in brightness! I can’t guarantee I’ll be all matchy-matchy, but I can guarantee I’ll be bright and colourful and happy!

With love across the waters,

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