Monday, March 28, 2011

Hm. Feng Shui in the Home Office...?

My home office is still a bit of a bugaboo for me.  It's where I spend a fair amount of time (on the computer and managing my paperwork and finances) but the room just doesn't feel complete.  It still feels cluttered and, well, out of sync, somehow... I think the computer is in the right place.  The extra table (I was using it to study at when I was a full time student this time last year) has become redundant since I'm not studying as much (OK, at all) right now and it feels crowded and a little heavy in here.

I need to do something about this space.

I'm thinking this will need some help. OK, honestly, I'm thinking this will need a lot of help.  The computer desk I have isn't exactly 100% useful for my needs - the drawers and computer "space" are handy, but the table-top part of it is angled and cluttered.   If I moved the table over here and used it for the computer and workspace it would certainly be more "user friendly" but what do I do about the drawers - I need those... I have stuff in them and need this particular stuff close to hand. It's useful.

Then again, I could probably sell the desk and buy a small 3-drawer cabinet with some of the proceeds...

On the other hand, if my brother decides he wants his table back (it was the original table from the cabin and he did an amazing job restoring it) then I'm without something to have my computer on, if I got rid of the desk...

Decisions, decisions...

I think I better sleep on this one!

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