Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Little LESS Ambitious…

Including yesterday’s exercise walk, this past week I completed 58.29 KM and walked (with a teensy bit of running) that in 10 hours over 7 days.  Yesterday (the last 7 KM) it took me almost 2 KM to loosen up my calf muscles (granted, I’d been wearing low heels all day at work) and today, after using “The Stick” my calves are still a little tender… so I think, perhaps, 58 KM is maybe a bit more than I can handle just yet. 

So this week I’m going to be a little LESS ambitious exercise-wise and keep it to 7.25 KM per day for a total of no more than 50.75 KM this week.

Part of this desire is to preserve and loosen up my calf muscles, and part of it is to do with the fact that I am also going to be working six days this week… the extra money will be nice (though quickly spent) and daylight savings time will still let me get out there and have my walks with Jasmine… A few other things will have to be postponed and/or cancelled altogether.

This desire to ensure I have a less ambitious week comes, part and parcel, due to an article I ready yesterday offering tips on how to simplify things.  A couple of the suggestions involved taking on less and, much more difficult for many people, saying “no” to some things in order to ensure sanity is preserved.

I was invited to an event (I’m still not certain what it is all about even after looking at the woman’s website, but I *think* it involves direct marketing – something I’m not terribly interested in anyhow) tomorrow night and will be calling to cancel as soon as I finish posting this blog entry.  Tuesday night Jasmine and I have another tricks class – which I *will* be attending.  Wednesday after work will be a “do nothing” evening – as will the rest of my evenings this coming week.

I do have a couple of things planned through the week – Thursday, for example, I’m dropping my car off to be serviced and will pick it up after work.  No stress on me for this one since they are within walking distance to my work.

I used a fair amount of my time today in cooking.  Soup – a big pot to freeze into individual portions for lunches. I also cooked up a pan of lasagna – which I have now also divided into dinner sized portions and also frozen.  The only thing left in the kitchen at the moment is the pork roast I’m cooking right now.  That will be dinner tonight (and tomorrow night) and the rest will be divided up and frozen too.

This week I’m going to need to make some more granola, and I’m thinking I will also need to bake up another loaf of bread, but these will be done on my “stay at home” evenings and won’t cause me too much extra work since both recipes are basic and easy to manage.

So how do you plan for your busy weeks…? I’d be interested in hearing the stress busting tips as well as the time management tips that you use in order to help your week go as smoothly as possible.

With love across the waters,

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