Saturday, May 28, 2011


I moved to the Comox Valley in September 2009, and from that point in time I have been considering buying a bicycle. I had considered it for a few reasons – health, transportation and fun being my top three.  When I got Jasmine I added a fourth reason – to run her. 

This past week I was out walking with my friend Linden and one of the things that we meandered around to in our conversation was bike riding.  She and her husband have hired a personal trainer; she’s bought a bicycle, and is making wonderful progress with fitness goals.

Knowing I want a bike, Linden challenged me to have one before the end of the month.  In retrospect, I’m not certain if that was supposed to be before a month went by (so 30 days, give or take) or before the end of this month, which is actually coming to an end on Tuesday of this coming week.

Thursday was my day off this week and I set a couple of goals for myself.
  • Change books at the second hand bookstore in Comox
  • Go to Black’s Cycle in Comox and get more information

Second hand bookshop was fun – I never seem to have enough time or money when I am in a book store, but I have now got a nice healthy credit to use with them next time I am in.  I’m going to try and get in again this week and pick up a few more books for light and fluffy reading while at the cabin on vacation.

Next up was Black’s Cycle.  I identified myself at the counter by telling the lovely salesman that I know NOTHING about bikes and haven’t actually been ON one since about 1987.

He was very gentle with me and didn’t laugh - I appreciated that!

Ok… so first up we talked about good starter bikes and he suggested I start with the Norco Pinnacle – and for me the 17.5” frame was the size needed.  Next up we discussed helmets.  Yup – excellent helmet acquired as well – a Bell Vela (in pink.) And the once I had test ridden the bike up and down the street a couple of times, I discussed & acquired a bike rack for my car – a Stealth F2, 2 bike carrier.

Ok.  So all of this paid for (gulp) I headed home, loaded Jasmine into the car and headed up to the Pipeline to try it all out.


Except… did you note that there was something VERY important that I might need that I totally forgot to acquire…? 

That night, I managed about 1.5 KM in total and post ride I was a teensy bit sore.  Ok, really, I was in a vast sea of sore and my underneath parts (I am informed that it is NOT correct for me to refer to it as my Lady Parts since if THOSE actually hurt I had bigger problems riding a bicycle that I thought.  I was duly educated that it was actually the flesh covering my sit bones that was bruised and sore.

Whatever.  I hurt when I sat down. I hurt when I stood up.  I was moving stiffly for the next day.

Ok… so yesterday being Friday, I worked until 5 and Black's Cycle was closed when I finished my shift.  I needed the day off anyhow for recovery purposes… so tonight after work (I finished at 3:30 this afternoon) I headed BACK over to Black’s Cycle and bought myself a pair of ladies bicycle shorts – Pearl Izumis.


In the trying-on phase of this particular purchase I noted that the material is actually cut so that they rest at a nice location around your waist while you are riding.  This is something the makers of panty hose could learn because, damn it all, I HATE when panty hose slide back down over my ass when I sit.

Anyhow, they have a really strange feel, especially if never having been worn before.  Sort of like having a gimungous half-diaper on.  VERY strange feeling indeed.

Following the purchase (at which time I was told, by the wonderful salesman who helped me yesterday, that inside bike shorts “skin is in” and that undies are a bad idea) I came home, got changed, loaded Jasmine into the car and the rack and bike ONTO the car and headed back up to the Pipeline for another try.

Yes, things are still tender but holy SMOKES did the bike shorts ever make a difference! And coolest of cool, I managed about 7 KM tonight and Miss Jasmine RAN the whole time!  It was brilliant!

Next ride will now be either Monday or Tuesday – tomorrow is a long walk morning.  I know my sit bones are still there – I can feel them tonight again, but it’s nowhere NEAR as sore as the other night – thank GOD for bike shorts – I’ll be getting a few more pairs of those babies. Let me tell you!!!

Ok, it’s time for this woman to have a hot bath and head for sleep!

With love across the waters,

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