Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May Long Weekend Joy!

I am in the final throes of a long long-weekend (today being the last day of six off) and will spend the day in pursuit of clean laundry, a long dog walk, groceries and some catching-up on various mini-projects around the house.

Wednesday (the 18th of May) after work I headed down to the cabin for my first weekend of the year.  It was GLORIOUS! Off work at 5 PM, I blasted home, loaded the cooler, changed, put the dog and cooler into the car and headed down the highway.  The ride was bright and sunny and the roads were clear & free of delays.

Into Nanaimo, I stopped at my brother’s place and picked up the oars and then headed straight for the beach.  7:25 on the dot was when we arrived and I was over, shutters off and into the cabin before 8:30 PM that night – so well before sundown!

The next morning was when the fun started.  Before 8:00 Thursday morning I had confiscated 3 or 4 ikky dead things from her – bits of fish and parts of a Canada goose that had died and started to fall apart on the beach as it rotted.


This in mind, and once I had my coffee, I decided that a walk about was in order – partly to get her away from the ikkies on my beach and partly to scope out any OTHER ikkies that may be “brought home” over the course of our 5 days down. So we wandered freely around the cabins and up the bluff for a look-see of the flowers and sunshine.

Jasmine in the Camas Lilies

Camas Lilies up close

A patch of Buttercups

And even some Daisies!

Growth on the Gary Oak trees


 Family started arriving at their various cabins later that evening and the first official cabin-long-weekend got under way.

Aside from being on “dead thing” watch (the total included parts of about six dead and dried out fish, dead seal bones, a dead and VERY gross Canada Goose and one mostly rotted out Canada Goose chick) I was able to finally catch up on some long missed reading.  I finished four books this weekend!  To be fair, two of them had been started, but two others hadn’t yet been cracked – time to hit the second hand bookshop and find new reading material!

Jasmine and I headed home yesterday.  I had planned not to come home until today, but I miscalculated with her food and ran out of the last little bit of it yesterday morning and so opted to come home and start the “clean-up” process yesterday.  Clean up started with Jasmine having a bath – she had been in swimming a few times and was a very salty pooch.  Next was me into the shower and after that started the laundry. 

My Salty Dog!

The last load is in the washer right now and I’m just about ready to take Jasmine out for a long walk in the bush and then do some grocery shopping.

With love across the waters,

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