Friday, June 17, 2011

Back Yard – Feng Shui Finished!

I ended up coming home from vacation nearly a full week early. Yes, I am sick, and VERY unhappy that this is the second vacation in a row I have gotten a head cold at the beginning of the second week! It sure puts a cramp on plans of relaxation and rest when one becomes unable to breathe properly through one’s nose.


Ok, enough whining.

In light of being home and having close to a week of time to putter around the house (albeit slowly and with lots of rest in between bouts of putter due to the lack of energy and incredible speed at which I tire when I am sick) I thought this would be a good time to try and complete at least SOME of my Feng Shui activities.

First up was the back yard.  All it really needed was a lawn mow, weed-eat, light weed in the herb garden and…. Ta-da!  I also finally located a fairly inexpensive bistro set at Slegg Lumber.  I picked it up late yesterday afternoon and quite enjoyed sitting outside with my coffee and book first thing this morning – it really HAS become an extension of my living room and, with the patio doors open and dappled sunshine in the yard, it’s quite a pleasant place to be now! it's not 100% finished, I'm certain I'll tweak little bits here and there still, but the big stuff is now truly done!

The back yard - done!  Woo hoo!
 Ooh – and with the Clematis now really dug in and growing happily, the compost is more easily blending into the background!

Clematis masking compost bin
Next up, I’m going to have to spend some serious focus time on my Career & Life Path zone.  Time to quit fiddling around, bring myself that permanent full time job and once and for all settle down!

Stay tuned! 

With love across the waters,

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