Sunday, June 12, 2011

Vacation Pictures Part II

This morning at low tide, Jasmine and I went for a walk around Cougar Island.  Here are some pictures from our excursion.  I'm not certain how Cougar Island got its name - perhaps that's a research project for tomorrow (it is supposed to maybe rain tomorrow) 

The spit at the lagoon

View of Lindner's Cabin

Interesting trees

A small patch of wild flowers

More wild flowers

A happy dog on a path through the trees

I *think* this may actually be a baby eagle feather!

Wild roses

Wild rose up close

Cool hollowed out stump - this would be an excellent place to hide stuff for a treasure hunt!!


Secluded bay

Lone Gary Oak tree on the rocks

Interesting stump

Another shot of the happy dog

Someone's fort...

The winds have started to come back up and I think it may be time for me to get some work done on the boat launch - my plan is to rake out some of the very steep hilly bits into a more levelled area for us to pull the boat up onto.

With love across the waters!

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