Thursday, June 23, 2011

Getting Better… slowly

I started my vacation on June 5th, got sick on June 13th, back to work on June 20th today is now June 23rd.  I’m still fighting off the remnants of the cold – mostly the cough and shortness of breath – but for the most part I’m closer to feeling like normal again.

I am still tired way too quickly.  Life doesn’t really allow for the tiredness though.  There is still a high-energy dog to walk (twice) daily, as well as all of the regular stuff that needs doing – laundry, housekeeping duties and work, to mention a few.

Today, though still coughing fairly heavily, I took Jasmine for a longer walk than I have been able to manage for the last couple of weeks. It was really nothing special – only about 5 KM, and most definitely at a slower pace. I was feeling fairly OK afterwards - yes, there was loads of coughing (no deer in sight – I imagine I scared them all away!) but needing to get Jasmine out for her second walk of the day, I decided that, darn-it-all; I really wanted to ride my bike again.

It was awesome.  Yes, I was STILL coughing almost constantly, but it was still wonderful to be able to get on a bicycle and just R I D E. 

I took her up to Seal Bay Park and rode along the mountain bike trails – this was my first time trying to ride here – and it was great fun!  I am starting to see how people become addicted to mountain bike riding on trails.

We did the 7+ KM loop that I had been walking before deer nesting season closed the trails to off-leash dogs.  I opted to actually ride in the opposite direction I normally walk it in so that I could avoid having to try to ride up a rooty-rocky-twisty-bendy-uphill trail.  Instead, I got to ride DOWN it and OH MY GOODNESS it was so much fun!

We had some rain today – and I do mean RAIN – a couple of brilliant summer down-pours – and so there were even puddles on the trails – which I blasted through and ended up wearing a lot of mud from.

Home and changed into clean and dry clothing, I am really hopeful this cough will be gone soon! I am thinking that, while the daylight hours allow, I will try for a long walk and a bike ride as many days as is going to be possible.  All of it can be up at Seal Bay Park, as far as I’m concerned – it’s gorgeous up there!

With love across the waters,

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