Sunday, July 17, 2011

July Feng Shui Update – Progress to Report!

Finally – I have some concrete progress to report!!  As you know, the primary and most pressing of my goals, was to have a permanent full-time job which is followed closely in importance by a relationship and then owning a home of my own.  For a few months now I have been actively applying for jobs, both internally and externally. Most recently, I expanded my search to other industries and possibilities and I’m pleased to be able to share that this past week (Thursday, to be exact) I was finally offered (and accepted) a full-time position!

Woo hoo!

I’m staying with the company I’m currently employed by – so I won’t have to learn a new corporate culture – and it is even in the same city AND branch I’m already in – so I don’t have to try and consider moving just now either!

The job is a hybrid to my industry – it’s a split role between a client service representative (bank teller) and an account manager, and is exciting to me for a few reasons.  I will get to take clients from the point where I spot a need to actually being able to complete the process for them and fulfill those needs! Yes, I will have sales targets - which, I admit, does make me nervous.

My start date will be September 27th but before that rolls around I need to take (and pass) the Investment Funds in Canada (also known as IFIC or IFC) course and obtain my Canadian Mutual Funds License. 

But no pressure.

I have already ordered the course materials & registered for an August 30th sitting of the exam, and if that doesn’t pan out well, there is a second sitting on September 27th that I can attend. One of the ladies I work with has loaned me her books to tide me through until my materials arrive, hopefully early this coming week.  Yesterday I completed chapter 1 and today I will complete chapter 2.  My plan is to complete at least a full section each week (usually 3 chapters) and spend the final two weeks before the exam sitting really pushing the materials into my head so that I can make that 70% passing mark.

Funnily enough, all of this came to a head shortly after I really started to figure out exactly what my real intentions are.  I started this process by making notes on my iPod notepad so that, once I had a more complete list of my requirements I could write them all out by hand.  When I go back over the “Job” list I made, I can see I have a few points I should have fine-tuned a little bit more - but I can always write it all out and fine-tune it anyhow… just to ensure that things continue as they started for me.

I also ran into Terri from Fine Art of Intention Feng Shui the day after I was offered the job and told her my news.  Evidently she has had some great news herself recently and will be re-vamping her whole home consultation process and has asked if I would be willing to be a case study for her (of COURSE I said yes right away!) and am looking forward to seeing how this new process works and what sorts of changes around the house I may still need to make… but for now, I should fold some laundry and finish working on chapter 2.

With love across the waters,

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