Sunday, July 3, 2011

Two Big Dogs is One Big Dog Too Many

For quite some time now I have been thinking that, once in a place I own myself, a second dog might be a good idea.  I have even entertained the thought that having a second one now might be kind of cool – Jasmine would have loads more play time and some companionship when I am at work or out doing other stuff.

A girlfriend of mine went away this weekend and I “dog-sat” for her last night, overnight and for today – she and her husband will be picking her dog up this evening when they get back from their weekend away.

Over the course of the last 12+ hours, I have decided that it’s probably a Very Good Thing that I am not allowed to have 2 dogs while I live where I am currently. My place is WAY too small for two big dogs and, though they are great friends and play well together, they also seem to be able to incite each other into mischief.

I tried taking them out for a walk last night after I collected them – the location was Seal Bay, where I normally walk Jasmine (or take her when I go for my long bike rides) and that didn’t go well at all.  Jasmine (Jasmine??!) got into an altercation with someone else’s dog, and that has lead me to consider that a) I don’t have enough control over both of them when I’m out by myself and b) that maybe Jasmine and I need more obedience training.  Jasmine’s never been an aggressive dog – quite the opposite, actually – and earlier in the day, someone had commented to me that she was actually a timid dog.


This morning, they had me awake at the crack of dawn (and in summer, that’s WAY TOO DAMN EARLY!) and so I am tired… I had planned to take the girls for a walk up at Seal Bay again today – but, because I have concerns about my ability to control both of them at the same time, that is now off the table.  The new plan is to go hang out at my friend’s back-yard for a couple of hours - where the girls can run around to their hearts’ content, and I don’t have to worry about trying to control any situations that may come up. I’ll take a book with me and grab a big coffee or maybe even a naughty lunch on my way.

With love across the waters,

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