Monday, November 8, 2010

A Day in Saint-Malo & a Ferry Ride to Forget!

A good night’s sleep and I woke at 7 AM, somewhat ready for my day. Showered and dressed I headed for my light breakfast in the hotel. Strong, black coffee and a scrummy breakfast of muesli, yogurt, croissants, cheese (MMMMM, cheese) yogurt and more coffee well fortified me and I was ready for my day. Back to my room, finished packing up my cases & caught up on my emails, scheduling for the week ahead, budget planning (who, I ask, wants to vacation with a budget? Sheesh!) completed, I checked the ferry website and had a minor heart-beat skipping moment.

Ferry cancelled?

No, all’s well - just the Jersey / Weymouth run - Saint-Malo was still scheduled to depart on time at 1600 - with the minor notice that one of the four engines on board not working and so the 1 hour 15 minute trip would take an additional 30 minutes. I guess ferry breakdowns happen all the world over, not just in BC.

No matter - I would still arrive tonight.

Check out at 12. My plan for the 3 hours I had open? To take my camera out and take some pictures of the area around me, to stop and have a light lunch and perhaps a cafe latte and then be back at the hotel to collect my things in plenty of time to get to the ferry terminal for my 3:00 PM check in time… and so with blue skies outside, off I went.

About half way to the shops and cafes the skies started letting me know rain was on the way… once there I thought it prudent to buy an umbrella. Should have really just brought one from home, but didn’t remember… just before I finally found a shop selling them, the skies opened up and POURED. I don’t just mean a little - think flash flooding kind of rain. Holy smokes!

Armed with my new umbrella, I ventured back out into it and found myself a café to have lunch… ham and cheese crepe followed by a lemon and sugar crepe for dessert. 2 cups of coffee later the skies finally opened up a little and I ventured back toward the hotel to collect my suitcases & make my way to the ferry.

Here are some pictures from Saint-Malo:

The ferry ride was rough. IMPORTANT mental note - MUST get some gravol. I didn’t lose my crepe lunch but I was pretty close. And now, close to 2 hours later, I’m still feeling a little ooky in my belly. Will absolutely be getting an anti-nausea something-or-another for the trip back - JUST IN CASE…

I’m all checked into the hotel here in Jersey now - unpacked and hey, it’s almost 7:30 and I’m still feeling mostly awake!

Tomorrow I get to have breakfast with some of my girlfriends here on Jersey - then later on I am meeting up with another friend and surprising my former landlords (they don’t know I’m here)

Sweet dreams!


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