Sunday, November 7, 2010

City Lights at Night

Every time I fly into a large city, at night, I am reminded just how large the world really is… and subsequently how small I am and now much like every other person in the world I am. To be totally honest, I still feel awed at the number and beauty of all of those lights.

When I moved from Victoria to Toronto in September of 1998 I had a pre-reporting trip, and landed during the day. No big deal. My actual MOVING flight landed me in the city after dark and as I looked out my window I wondered what it was that I had managed to get myself into. Toronto is HUGE! The lights seemed to go on forever - and at the time it was probably the scariest sight I had ever seen in my life.

Scarier than spiders!

At 6:30 PM local time tonight, I landed in Montreal and as we descended in over the city I looked out my window and scanned the lights of the neighbourhoods that seem to stretch for kilometre after kilometre. I wondered when it was that my fear of such a large place had gone. I suppose exposure helps. From a “big” cities perspective, I’ve now landed in Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, Minneapolis, New York, London, Berlin, and Frankfurt.

I still have an “OOh!” feeling the every time I see it. I wonder if other people feel like this when they look out their airplane windows?

Safe night & sweet dreams!


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