Friday, April 22, 2011

Feng Shui Consultation #3 – Part 1

Right… so you know how much I love lists? I have new lists and LOVE having lists to work on - and to cross things off of!

Terri Perrin (from Fine Art of Intention Feng Shui) came over on Thursday for a consultation discussion – this one was very specifically limited to the back yard and the home office.  We sat downstairs and had a quick catch-up on how things are and then we started to discuss what should be looked at and done in the back yard. I’ve done a little with it – and when Terri saw it on Thursday it was overcast and a little cooler, so we didn’t venture outside for the discussion…  So the list – not too terrible – and THIS one will actually be fun to work on since I don’t get all stressed out when shopping for garden stuff!  Yay!

Essentially, I need to bring in more height.  This means taking advantage of the three hanging basket hooks that are already there – and in another week or so I will be able to purchase some hanging baskets with which to start to accomplish this part.  Along the back fence – which looks like this at present:

This is my back-yard’s Fame sector, I need baskets with reds – this sector covers the fire element – so I was thinking about bright cherry reds and oranges.  In the centre, between the two posts where the baskets can hang, I am looking for a decorative sun motif to hang on the fence. 

To the right of this, in my relationships sector, this little garden bed is fine:

But over the composter, where there is, conveniently, another hanging-basket hook, I can hang a basket that has more trailing stuff – vines and such.  The bed, when flowering, will have pinks and purples in it, so Terri suggested I bring in some white over the composter – maybe something called Million Bells.

Further over, along this wall:

Terri suggested some stationary planters based against the wall – with Sweet Peas growing up a trellis here in order to bring in height and colour. I can shift the planter stone that’s currently sitting that the base of the fence in the centre of the back yard over to join the other one, and place a couple of plants on these ones – or a small pair of statues – whatever I like.  It’s really just to add shape and interest to the space. I also need to move the sand bags. They need to stay in the back yard - did I mention the flooding on Christmas Eve?  If not, here’s what THAT looked like:

Anyhow, the sand bags could be moved along the wall and out of sight a little along the side of the building.  That way, they are still there if needed, but also not quite as completely “in your face” visible at all times.

The last two suggestions involve putting these two shrubs into larger planter pots with castor wheels on them – to make it so they can be shifted around if and as needed, and then simply adding a two seat bistro set – metal and glass if I can find one – to make this into much more of a living space.

Oh - and I have already dealt with that little bed to the side - it now looks like this:

A key statement that Terri made, one which really resonated with me, is that the back yard should be thought of as an extension of the indoor living space. So with the weather warming up, I will be starting to plan out how and when I will be accomplishing these changes – and am VERY excited to see how this impacts both the yard, my future and how things feel currently!

Next blog I’ll talk about the changes suggested to the home office… this will be my “crap weather days” project for the next while.

With love across the waters,

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