Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Planning for Some Quiet Days…?

Jasmine had quite a long and traumatic day… After her early morning walk, she got taken to the veterinary office and LEFT there… she had a patch of fur shaved off of her front leg and a needle got stuck in her – that’s where they started all of the drugs. Once she was really relaxed, a big tube was shoved down her trachea and more drugs made her sleep. While she slept, her belly got shaved and scrubbed, and then her ear got tattooed.  Then she had a microchip inserted (with a honking BIG needle, I am told) in the back of her neck. After that, she got loaded onto her back on a “V” shaped table, and her belly got cut open and her ovaries were surgically removed.  After that, she got all sewn back up and more drugs were given to her – this time to control any pain that she may start to feel from all of the other stuff… Then, while she was still sleeping, her toenails even got trimmed – ALL of them!

She was VERY well taken care of by Doctor Saskia and Nurses Cris, Chris and Margaret. I am grateful to have such a fantastic clinic of staff available to me to look after my fur girl. I collected her from the Shamrock Veterinary Clinic around quarter to four this afternoon, at which time she was still a little dopey and tired, but as soon as she heard my voice she started making “Mummy, save me” noises.  I am told that she was a very good girl all day and that it was only when she heard my voice that the fussing started.

That’s my drama queen!

It’s now nearly twenty minutes to nine at night on Wednesday and she’s asleep on the floor beside me.  She’s been sleeping off and on since I got her home and, aside from one outside to pee as soon as I got her home, she’s been pretty prone and still.

The clinic provided me with both verbal and written instructions for the next few days and the next two weeks:  No off leash walks; no running; no jumping; no rough play; and no swimming; no baths: no rolling in anything that might necessitate a bath.  Essentially I am to keep her (as much as possible) dry, quiet and clean and to prevent from stretching her incision.  So this means that, for the next while, I will be sleeping with her in the guest bedroom (the bed is MUCH lower to the ground) and when I am at work, she will be shut out of my bedroom as her preferred sleeping space (while I am a work) is on my bed – which is VERY high off of the ground. We will be taking things very easy and spending time being quiet and relaxing.  I have the next two days blocked out as “unavailable” for work – I need to be certain she is recovering well.

Dad called around 6:00 tonight to check in on us and see how we are both doing. One comment he made was interesting.  I had noted how much the whole procedure cost – and that the insurance plan I have for her (through Pet Secure) was worth every penny.  I have a plan on her that costs about as much as the plan I have for myself does – and it covers many things including her spay.  The peace of mind that pet insurance gives me is worth every penny.  Should ANYTHING happen to her, we are covered and I don’t need to worry (much) about how much a procedure would cost.  Dad noted that Jasmine isn’t just a financial investment for me – that since the very start, since that first day I met her, she has been am emotional investment for me.  And a good one – she’s a one-in-a-million companion and worth anything I need to do for her.

Through the whole conversation with Dad, Jasmine was asleep on the sofa beside me – just close enough to be touching my leg – reassurance that I wasn’t far away if she needed me. 

My hand was on her hip the whole time – reassurance that she wasn’t far away, if I needed her. 

With love across the waters,

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