Saturday, April 23, 2011

Feng Shui Consultation #3 – Part 2

As I mentioned in my last post, Terri Perrin (from Fine Art of Intention Feng Shui) came over on this past Thursday for a consultation – this one was very specifically limited to the back yard and the home office.  We sat downstairs and had a quick catch-up on how things are and, after completing our conversation about the back yard, we headed upstairs to discuss what I could do with my home office.

The challenges in here are not as bad as I initially thought they might be.  The suggestions Terri had for this space were actually not all that huge!  I was quite surprised because, since I changed things around a couple of weeks ago, it’s felt really different for me energetically.

Obviously, I still need to paint this door:

This shelving unit needs to be tidied up some, and the top shelf should be cleared off and used more for ornaments and a plant right at the corner – something like maybe an ivy, or a fern, something that likes the light and will trail down with big round leaves.

This corner – where a set of necessary drawers are - is the travel sector, and would benefit from having some travel brochures or books in one of the drawers. The table has a drawer in it and Terri suggested I place my Bagua map inside the drawer – to provide full energy to the space.  The desk is in my career section – as is all of the computer paraphernalia – which is good.

This wall is my fame sector and Terri suggested I take the three masks and place them on the next wall over (where there is one lonely little mask all by herself) and replace them with “me” stuff – so I will have some of my achievement certificates framed and hang them along with the two medals I received for completing my two half-marathons.

And finally, this corner – Terri suggests a tall plant here – again, something with round leaves.  Jasmine’s bed will stay in this space – she does, after all, like to sleep in here when I’m working away at stuff on the computer.

So this is my “rainy day” project space. I will look for plants for this room at the same time as I look for hanging baskets for the back yard, but all of the other stuff needing to be done in here will happen on gray and rainy days and on evenings when walks and dinner are done. 

With love across the waters,

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