Monday, June 6, 2011

… And The Sun Also Rises

Hee hee hee.

Ok, I have wanted to use that as a title for a while and, believe me, no disrespect is meant to the initial author who penned it.

Generally speaking, when you have a dog, sunrise isn’t actually much of a consideration.  Jasmine wakes me up when she wants to, not when I actually want to be awake.  This morning, thankfully, it wasn’t awake at sunrise (which was at 5:13 AM) but I was awake a little earlier than I would have liked to be.  

The great thing about the cabin, AND this time of year down here, is that it’s OK for me to open the back door and let her wander around at will and I can go back to the half-doze of sleep that early morning seems to find me in.

She, having had a damn good wander around, located herself yet another ikky dead thing (bone from long-deceased seal, if you are interested) and brought it back to the cabin where she lay down on the ground just outside the back door and proceeded to chew on it.  Me, being in the dopey sleep-state I was in, promptly started to dream that she’d found a golf club and was chewing on it.  This was taking place in one of the locations I have recently been walking her.

I’m sure there’s some Freudian meaning to that somewhere!

I struggled out from under the “ignore it and hope it goes away” state that early morning sees in me and dragged myself from my warm cocoon of blankets to confiscate the bone from her and throw it into the trash. If she found another one after that she (wisely) didn’t bring it back to the cabin to chew on.

Later, awake, I sat in the sunshine (yes, wearing a good layer of my SPF-50 sunscreen) and started to make a dent in my plan to catch up on reading.  I have managed to avoid sunburn and am now inside, long sleeves and pant-legs removing the risk.  Exhausted by heat, new scents, sunshine and general life, she’s now fast asleep on her bed on the cabin’s kitchen floor. 

This is, after all, the way vacations are meant to be!

With love across the waters, 

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