Friday, June 10, 2011

Lotta Stuff Done in a Little Time Frame

Today was the planned day to come home from the cabin for an overnight so that I could do laundry, replenish supplies, check my mail and otherwise get things done around here that shouldn’t be left for two solid weeks.

At around 10 this morning I started to shutter up the cabin.  A few years ago my brother changed most of our cabin’s window shutters from screws to lag bolts and holy smokes that sure sped up the closing up process.  Yes, I know I am only up for an overnight, but people have broken in with less time available – so we don’t take chances.  As I was putting up the shutter on the storage room, my cousin Ruth let out a huge yell:


Just off the cabins there were two large pods of Orca (Killer Whales) headed north in the channel. Close to shore,  we could see them playing as they travelled – and we could count them – the first pod had four or five in it and the second had eleven – some of which were young and therefore smaller than the adults.

What an amazing treat to have today!  While we were watching, the skies even cleared and the sun started to shine overhead.


Ok… back to work.

Since Sis & Al (Sis is what we all call Ruth) were over near my cabin, they very kindly helped me to carry my boat down to the water – saving me some time and effort in the process.  That done, I continued to shutter up the cabin, and then carted my stuff to the boat, loaded it all up and headed across.

Once over on the “other side” I hauled the boat up the shore and locked it up and then loaded Jasmine and my stuff into the car and headed home.

Here, my tasks became orderly and planned.
1.      Shower
2.      Bath for Jasmine
3.      Laundry
4.      Mow the lawn
5.      Water the outside plants
6.      Costco
7.     Laundry - Part II
8.      Pet store
9.      Grocery store
10.  Laundry, The Final Chapter

That summed up today's chores.

Tomorrow I need to fill the water buckets, load the cooler, load the car, and then head back to the cabin.  I do need to make yet another stop at the grocery store – I forgot Kleenex – and a quick stop at the liquor store for more cider, but other than that, my up town adventure is done.

Just after I finished Jasmine’s bath and was starting to mow the lawn, Rob (my brother) arrived with a friend of his to dismantle and remove his bed from my spare room.  They also took Rob’s kitchen table, which I had (very gratefully) used as a study table when I was going to school full time just after I got back from Jersey, and a couple of his kitchen chairs which I had in my storage locker.

Challenge: My spare room no longer has a bed in it.  So now I get to investigate new bedroom furniture (or perhaps second-hand if I can find something attractive and relatively inexpensive) so that I have a spare available for company. I’m not expecting any company any time soon – maybe December? And so have plenty of time to plan and execute where this is concerned. Ooh – this means I can look at furniture with specifics of Feng Shui in mind!  Cool!

No pictures to upload tonight – I took a bunch of last night’s sunset, but the camera is still in the cabin and so they will have to wait until tomorrow or Sunday to be uploaded to a post.

With love across the waters,

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