Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Sun Sets

The first night down at the cabin after being away is always a real treat for me. Once in and set up, the afternoon is usually spent puttering or maybe reading (this is how I spent most of my afternoon) and the first night’s sunset is the capper to a great day.
This is probably my first time down here in June in YEARS and this year I managed to coincide my vacation to have me at the cabin for the longest days of the year. Well, almost. I have to head back home for a re-start to work on the 20th of June, but the real treat for me will be the extra long days to rest and relax.
It’s about quarter past 9 now and the skies are fading to pinks - the kind you get when there’s been some cloud cover. I’m sitting in the kitchen and looking out over the island - tide high and still coming in a little more - and giving thanks for the wonderful place my heart calls home.
With love across the waters,

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